Some point and shoot cameras you should consider



Looking a few years back, point and shoot cameras seemed to be facing obsolescence, with smartphones, Iphones and Ipads integrating better and better photo and video technology. However, the manufacturers have managed to open new doors to progress for the once dying breed, and now we’re witnessing a new comeback wave on the market. This year has seen many powerful arrivals on this niche, and here are some of the most appreciated point and shoot cameras in 2016.


ol4Panasonic Lumix DMC LX-100 is one versatile tool, with a 12.8 MP Micro 4/3” MOS sensor that does wonders in combination with the 24-75mm Leica lens. A manual focus ring offers you more creative freedom than auto focus cameras. 4K video and photo resolution makes it a powerful contender, and is also a big selling-point that not only adds to the richness of the image, but also allows depth of detail and great colour reproduction.


Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III is a high-end compact camera that also features 4K resolution, the famous Sony Optical Steadyshot and a performant 24-600mm equivalent F2.4 -4 lens and 20MP 1”-type stacked CMOS sensor. Together with the BIONZ X image processor, they offer great ISO performance and noise reduction. Overall, the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III is an appraised camera that efficiently combines a great zoom range and fast lens speed.


Another point and shoot camera that everyone admired this year is the Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4, a perfect companion for the adventurous photographers. Waterproof, shockproof ( very good for landscapes), freezeproof, what more proof do you need? Combining a 16MP live MOS sensor of 1/2:3 and an F2.0 wide angle lens, this camera is as sharp as it is tough. Built-in wi-fi connectivity even lets you share your experiences in no-time.


ol5Canon Powershot G16 may seem an odd choice for those of you who cherish portability the most, but as far as performance goes, you will quickly understand why the manufacturer decided to sacrifice a little space. Similar to the RX100 III, the G7 from Canon has a 20 MP, 1”-type sensor, it works with 24-100mm equivalent F1.8-2.8 lens and allures us even more with its flip-up rear touchscreen. Moreover, the G7 renders great physical control features such as clicking control dials and exposure compensation dial.


As you can see, the point and shoot cameras industry has been really busy with finding new features and combinations to woe the consumer and we may well admit we are looking forward for more.

Check out these free online courses


Nowadays, with the help of the Internet, it seems like we have free access to a wide source of knowledge. From online videos to tutorials and step-by-step explanatory audio books, everything seems possible if you want to pick up a new skill on the Internet. So why not take things to another level and start doing something more with your life?

First of all, let’s do a simple imagination exercise. Close your eyes, free your mind for a few seconds and think of what makes you happy. Name five things that truly make you happy and try to turn them into daily activities or career choices. If you like traveling, why not start a traveling blog. If you’re into woodcraft, why not take the time and learn how to do that on your own?

What I’m trying to say is that we live in a world where truly, impossible is nothing. As a self-though enthusiast, I found that we have so little time by comparison with the number of skills and jobs we could learn, so why waste another precious second?

If you think about picking up a new sport, changing your career or improving your self-esteem, I have just the right things for you. Here is a list of the most popular DIY courses you can now take online, for free or for a small initial investment.

Doodling, scribbling, and arts

If you’re into arts and crafts or simply want to improve your drawing talents, there are plenty of online courses for free that can teach you the basics of technical drawing. With just the right amount of patience and determination, you can learn how to draw faces, croquis, foods, floral illustrations, and more.

This is a great option for kids and children who need something creative and mind-challenging to occupy their spare time. It is also an easy therapeutical way to communicate with special people and better understand their needs. Again, you won’t require a degree in Fine Arts or thousands of dollars in your account, but merely some spare time, crayons, and a lot of patience.


Homemade products

From candles to cleaning products, cosmetics, and decorations, there is certainly at least one online class that can teach you the basics. Most of these crafts classes are for free and mainly target young or older women who have a lot of spare time or spend most of their time inside the house.

The good thing is that most of the ingredients required you will easily find in your kitchen already, so you won’t be spending a lot of materials. If you’re passionate about interior decorations and natural cosmetic products, these courses are a match made in heaven for you.



4 useful websites for DIYers


There is no bigger pleasure than doing things with your own two hands. I learned this while trying to make my home a more comfortable place to live after I retired. I am also an avid reader of everything new, which is why I spend a lot of time online, searching for all sorts of things that could make me become a better DIYer. Right now, what I want to speak to you about are a few websites that can teach you how to do stuff on your own.


With a clear focus on technology, Instructables is my go-to solution for many of the projects I get involved in. Housing an extensive library of tutorials, this website is rich in information that you might not easily find elsewhere. Although they are techies to the heart, they do not shy away from more physically challenging projects.

Anything you want to do, whether it is related to food, outside work, or tech stuff, you will find something new and exciting about on this website, which is why it is my first recommendation.


Martha Stewart

Most probably everyone knows the charming lady from the cooking shows on TV, but there is more to the Martha Stewart website than just making delicious recipes. An entire part of the site is dedicated to DIY projects, and, if you are into crafting like I am, you most probably want to learn a few new things.

As they say, busy hands and happy hands, and if you find yourself too bored or too fed up with the constant flux of technology on your phone, you will surely find a few exciting projects on Martha Stewart’s website.

DIY Network

With such a name, you can immediately suspect what this website is all about. All the TV shows you love are hosted by this network, and their website abounds in a lot of information you can use without a glitch. Some might say that there is even too much information to handle, but if you focus on the projects you want to make, you will be fine.



Are you a crafter? Do you also happen to be a hipster? What better way to combine both facets of your personality into one and enjoy all the excellent advice offered by the people behind Crafster? The website is backed by an influential community that makes plenty of the exciting things housed here happen.

If you are interested more in making jewelry, clothing, or food, you will find this website an endless stream of inspiration. Also, if you think you are good enough at what you do, you can subscribe to the challenges and contests offered by the website, and showcase your best work.


5 cool things to build


These days, everything you want, you can get. It goes without saying that you need the money for the expense, and that might be a problem for many of us. If you’ve ever created something with your own two hands, you probably know how good it feels. DIY isn’t for everyone, especially if we were to consider that not all people are tech-savvy.

There are many websites that can let you know everything you need to be aware of if you are a novice DIY-er. One of the most useful ones is Instructables, and I consider it to be especially handy because the posts that they publish are written by users who have actually experienced with cool things to build by themselves.

To cut things short, I am going to tell you all about five items you can put together on your own or with the help of a friend or a neighbor.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model

All die-hard Star Wars fans are going to love this product, and I know that for sure, what with me being one o them. It’s a great addition to your collection or an amazing first piece, if you’re only starting out. The parts are pre-colored and decorated, so you won’t have to ruin your nail polish to paint them.

The model is an excellent starter pack for adults and children alike. It comes with easy instructions, so you needn’t worry about anything.

An outdoor pizza oven

I don’t know if there’s anyone on the planet who can honestly say that they don’t love indulging in a slice of pizza once in a while. The art of preparing the perfect pizza pie is, of course, reserved for Italians, those living in the Naples region, especially. However, with these handy instructions, you can make your own outdoor oven both conveniently and easily.

Obviously, there’s a myriad of models you can buy and get it over with. But what’s the fun in that?


A PVC rod holder

If you’re an angler, you probably know how expensive your gear can get. Unless you’re a fly fisher who likes to use the same pole time and again, you probably need a bit of variety. Building a rod holder is extremely easy, especially if you have some PVC left from other projects.

There are several designs you can consider, in that some can be mounted on your car while others should be used directly on the ground. You can even make a storage system in your basement and hang it on a wall or the ceiling.

A compost bin

If you love working in your garden all day long, you probably know that fertilizers do not come cheap. Besides, if you’re growing your own veggies, you need to be aware of the fact that many store-bought fertilizers come with a variety of substances that might make your crops less safe to eat. Just use these instructions to make your own compost bin.


A biodegradable flower pot

If you have a bit of cardboard left from one package or the other, you have all of the supplies you need for making a biodegradable pot. I personally enjoy putting together some every spring when I separate and transfer my baby chillis from their pots.