5 cool things to build


These days, everything you want, you can get. It goes without saying that you need the money for the expense, and that might be a problem for many of us. If you’ve ever created something with your own two hands, you probably know how good it feels. DIY isn’t for everyone, especially if we were to consider that not all people are tech-savvy.

There are many websites that can let you know everything you need to be aware of if you are a novice DIY-er. One of the most useful ones is Instructables, and I consider it to be especially handy because the posts that they publish are written by users who have actually experienced with cool things to build by themselves.

To cut things short, I am going to tell you all about five items you can put together on your own or with the help of a friend or a neighbor.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model

All die-hard Star Wars fans are going to love this product, and I know that for sure, what with me being one o them. It’s a great addition to your collection or an amazing first piece, if you’re only starting out. The parts are pre-colored and decorated, so you won’t have to ruin your nail polish to paint them.

The model is an excellent starter pack for adults and children alike. It comes with easy instructions, so you needn’t worry about anything.

An outdoor pizza oven

I don’t know if there’s anyone on the planet who can honestly say that they don’t love indulging in a slice of pizza once in a while. The art of preparing the perfect pizza pie is, of course, reserved for Italians, those living in the Naples region, especially. However, with these handy instructions, you can make your own outdoor oven both conveniently and easily.

Obviously, there’s a myriad of models you can buy and get it over with. But what’s the fun in that?


A PVC rod holder

If you’re an angler, you probably know how expensive your gear can get. Unless you’re a fly fisher who likes to use the same pole time and again, you probably need a bit of variety. Building a rod holder is extremely easy, especially if you have some PVC left from other projects.

There are several designs you can consider, in that some can be mounted on your car while others should be used directly on the ground. You can even make a storage system in your basement and hang it on a wall or the ceiling.

A compost bin

If you love working in your garden all day long, you probably know that fertilizers do not come cheap. Besides, if you’re growing your own veggies, you need to be aware of the fact that many store-bought fertilizers come with a variety of substances that might make your crops less safe to eat. Just use these instructions to make your own compost bin.


A biodegradable flower pot

If you have a bit of cardboard left from one package or the other, you have all of the supplies you need for making a biodegradable pot. I personally enjoy putting together some every spring when I separate and transfer my baby chillis from their pots.




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